Clare's Creations


All the following images can be purchased as:

10" x 12" mounted print - ?.00

14" x 18" or 14 x14" mounted print - ?2.00
16" x 20" double-mounted print - ?5.00
500mm x 700mm posters - ?5.00
18" x 24" or 20" x 20" or 12" x 32" box canvases - ?0.00
A limited range are available as A6 cards with coloured envelopes - ?.00 each or pack of 8 for ?.00  - VIEW RANGE HERE


C003 Clematis C004 Allium  C014 Irises C016 Himalayan Poppy
C017 Roses C021 Sunflowers C023 Hellebore C024 Aconites
C029 Bluebells and Cowslips C030 Oriental Poppies C043 Glory Lilies C045 Laburnum
C048 Gerbera C049 Clematis C050 Rose C052 Sea Holly
C054 Lisianthus C057 Rudbeckia C058 Bird of Paradise C060 Tulips and Irises
C062 Teasels C063 Honeysuckle C064 Thistles C071 Narcissus
C072 Peruvian Lilies C073 Pasque Flowers C077 Calla Lilies C080 Scabious
C082 Poppy C083 Stinking Iris C084 Purple Irises C085 Field Poppies
C086 Sunflowers C089 Autumn Leaves C090 Japanese Anemones C104 Lavender
C108 Daffodils C109 Fuchsia C112 Sweet Peas C113 Camellia
C116 Crimson Poppies C117 Teasels C118 Hellebores C119 Alliums
C120 Daisies and Tulips C124 Sunflowers C127 Himalayan Poppies C129 Chinese Lanterns
C130 Cockerels C133 Arum Lilies C135 Cow Parsley C136 Tulips
C138 Chrysanthemum C144 Bluebells C147 Sunflowers C148 Fritillaries
C149 Daisies C152 Honesty C155 Dandelion Clocks
C002 Autumn Leaves C015 Hellebores C022 Snowdrops C051 Ligularia
C056 Chinese Lanterns C067 Orange Poppies C069 Sunflower Field C076 Poppy Field
C081 Anemones C087 Magnolia C092 Cyclamen C095 Stormy Landscape
C097 Snowdrops C098 Lilies C1021 Passion Flowers C105 Pansies
C106 Orchid C110 Chinese Lanterns C122 Daisies C125 Ben Nevis
C137 Kingfisher C139 Poppies C140 Cone Flowers C141 Dahlias
C142 Anemones C143 Tulips and Daisies C145 Californian Poppies C146 Poppies and Daisies
C010 Sunflower C017 Arum Lily C032 Anemones C053 Sunflowers
C053 Freesias C151 Geum


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